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Gospel of Mary Magdala
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   Magdalen   Sanctuary

A Safe Space to Nurture &
    Resurrect Your Shattered Soul !

This page is dedicated to supporting  and encouraging victims & survivors of child abuse in it's many forms, perpetrated by Catholic priests, bishops, nuns and  others in religious leadership positions  who have used their positions of trust, power and control to allow the abuse of  children to continue unchallenged for centuries.   
Victims & Survivors  who struggle with the resulting soul murder, the  loss of innocence,  trust, self respect, dignity,  and the ongoing  trauma, the lifelong spiritual void, the emotional, psychological, mental health and  sexual harm that  results from this heinous body and soul rape.
This  shame is not yours.  It belongs with those who betrayed you. 
Never let the abuse inflicted by others define you, your life, or your  future.

Return it to where it belongs !
I invite you to join me on the journey  from Victim to Survivor to Thriver as we follow the loving guidance, wisdom, compassion and messages of Magdalen.

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# You Are Truly Loved ! Never Doubt This Truth !

It is people who let us down. Not the universe. Not our Creator.

Every newborn baby that is born, comes into this world with nothing other than complete trust, total dependence and vulnerability.  When that trust is taken, violated, and betrayed, trust is replaced with terror, fear, trauma and shame. 

But shame belongs to the abuser, not to the child.
Love always remains even when it seems to be lost, and buried  and smothered  deeply within the fear, shame, pain, trauma, and confusion.

As  the journey of healing continues,  it can slowly reach the dimly lit pathway that heads back into the light and Love can be found hidden in the little corners of that wounded little heart and soul of the broken inner child.

Hope is the doorway to this journey to true Soul Awakening  !

      So Be it!  And so it Is!

##Say No to Secrets !

When a vulnerable little child has been betrayed  and assaulted by a powerful adult, one of the first things that happens alongside that abuse is the  reminder from the abuser that everything must be kept secret. 

Sometimes this can be done with threats, false accusations, blame, and intimidation. 

This can also be done  through  bribery, coercion, manipulation.  
Being told that this is a 'special love'  that no one else  would  ever understand and often a  victim will go to great lengths to  protect the abuser. Protect the secret.   
This in turn can create even more shame for the victim in the longer term.  Always remember that  abuse of this kind  is never,  ever the victims fault. 

### Put Shame where it Belongs ! 

There is no set time, or process for a victim / survivor to begin recalling  memories of abuse as a little child. Every  experience is different and the stages that follow are also different for each person. for some it can be as long as 20 years, for others it can be 40 years. 
But once one has an awareness there are various stages that also follow and once again, in no particular order.  Abuse by a person who has represented the authority of God, is unlike any other traumatic  event.  It is the most intimate  betrayal possible.  Soul Betrayal. Some even liken it to Soul Murder.  Everyone's experience is unique to them.  But for some  a  strong need to speak out and take action takes hold with a strong desire, or maybe it would be better referred to as a calling, to stop such things happening to other children. This  can become a powerful motivation that fuels the courage to speak out and call for change and justice for victims /  survivors.  

When this happens the results can be extremely emotional but it can also become very empowering  as shame is returned to the abuser &  the colluders.


#### ShameBusters - Clergy Sexual Abuse Defines The Abusers' & their Colluders and  Protectors. 

No abuse  Defines You - Not Ever !  So Do Not Let It! 

There is absolutely no doubt what so ever that abuse, trauma, betrayal of any type or kind is something which is devastatingly  painful and leaves enormous scars and wounds  in many ways  which can include  physically,  emotionally, sexually, spiritually. and psychologically. 

You were abused by a person  who was trusted, but who chose to betray that trust and seriously harm you.  It happened in the past,  and it plays over in your head and it can feel like it is still happening. 

This is what trauma does. 

But it Does Not and Never Will Define the real  truth of the beautiful soul, that you  have

always been, that you were as a little child, that you are now, and that you will always be,

Forever and Beyond. 

      So Be it! And so it Is!


 ##### Defy Betrayal - Speak Your Truth !

It can take time for a victim to process the enormity of what happened to them when the abuse has occurred during childhood,  a young teenager or vulnerable adult.   Especially when the abuse includes the very normal grooming methods that are used which can include  charismatic  manipulation, flattery which is used to make you  feel special,  which initially can sometimes create a feeling of attraction to the abuser,  enjoying the emotional connection, the special treats, the  attention.  But this can all too soon switch to intimidation, bribery, threats, fears, enormous shame, guilt and  worrying about other family members, what they will think, say, or do. 
Speaking out cannot be done comfortably until one really comes to the reality of recognizing the true  depth of the Betrayal that has occurred. 

Once  Betrayal is recognized, felt deep within the soul, nothing and no one will keep you silent.  

The force that is birthed in that time,  can feel  stronger than the  force of a Mother Lioness protecting her cubs. 

Not everyone will reach that  depth, and not everyone will need to  speak out and that is OK too !

That is their soul's  journey.

We each have our own  healing journey to walk on.  

Walk gently, walk softly, walk with compassion and deep love  in your heart for your very scared, lonely,  frightened, and wounded inner child needs your  strength  love acceptance,  and compassion !

Remind yourself of this  every day because you have indeed Survived!  

Survivors Warriors & Whistleblowers !  

Making the decision to take even bigger steps to bring about justice, accountability, change and more, or making the choice to let go and get on with your life and put this behind you is your choice and no one else's choice. 

Never let anyone tell you otherwise. We each deal with personal situations  in different ways in our own divine timing and that is always  OK ! Taking back your power following trauma begins with saying No to pressure from others, and Yes to expressing your own needs and making your own choices. 

              Namaste'   Glo

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