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Do You  feel that you have a calling to share something special  that you have learned about life with others ?

You  might feel it in your bones, your heart, your soul. 
It may awaken a strong sense of longing to make a difference in some small way during your life time. 

Sometimes you may struggle to know just what it is because you may have learned many lessons and not know where to begin. 

You long to  achieve something positive so that when you put your head on the pillow at night you can reflect on something positive that you  may have contributed to no matter how small or how big.

That is exactly what happened to me.  

My own soul purpose has had several missions to complete and learn from. 

My dream as a little girl was to be a Mum. To have a real family of my own.
To marry a nice  farmer and have lots of children like my adoptive  Aunty and Uncle who had a farm and four children and raised chickens, cows and pigs and to then live happily ever after. 

Life had other plans for me and instead there were a myriad of other life experiences and learnings that occurred. 
Starting initially with some teen rebellion, followed by marriage & relationship building, having 6 beautiful children and returning to study numerous things over the following years including  spirituality, counselling, business skills, theological  studies,  widowhood, single parenting,  grief counseling,  more study, employment law,  business management, counselling training, advocacy, social work, parent coaching, emotional healing, life coaching working with spirit, angels and more. 

My ego had longed for my life mission, my Soul Purpose to have been one of these so I could feel like I had achieved something nice, helpful, pleasant,  lifegiving,  joyful and achieved something worthwhile in  my life. 

Any one of them would have been preferable to the one that kept revisiting which seemed to represent endless amounts of shame, abuse,  pain and trauma. 

For years, I tried for years to block it out.

The thing  which surpassed all of the others  stemmed from experiencing childhood  trauma.
initially from being an uplifted baby at 3 weeks old and being placed into the care of  Child Welfare in New Zealand. 
From there it seems I may then have been  placed into the care of the Catholic church before being adopted by my wonderful amazing parents. I make this assumption as my parents  were forced by the District Court Judge at the time, to agree to having me raised in the 'Holy doctrine of the Catholic Church .' 

Unfortunately this  decision resulted in me attending a Catholic primary school where  by the time I was a 7 yea old, I became a victim of child abuse by a Catholic priest and it wasn't until I was nearly 40 years of age, that I realized that this was the most critical  experience of my lifetime. It had a huge influence in the direction my life had taken and became pivotal  in revealing a huge part of my Soul's True Life Purpose.  

porting victims of childhood trauma experienced in religious environments by religious people who seriously abused their privile
ge and power. Speaking out and demanding changes,  to create accountability, and  to make churches safer places for children.  
At one point during this journey, I can recall 
saying to other survivors how it felt as if I had a notice on my forehead which read

"If you have been abused by a catholic priest I'm here to listen and support you ! "  
I was invited by our first Survivors Advocacy and Support Group in 1993  to be a survivor's advocate and a spokesperson on behalf of other victims, and from then on the stories just continued  finding me until I realized that this was indeed my most vital
Soul Purpose

There would always be another victim. Another story.  And that continues even today. 
What I finally discovered is that this 
  didn't mean that I couldn't still follow some of the other soul purposes, that also popped up from time to time. 
Some were challenging and some were even joyful,  kind, and warm, alongside the painful ones. 

It is all about balance. and working in harmony with the universe.  
Working with whatever situation we are presented with on our life's journey. 
It is about being 'present' in the many little moments of this magical yet fragile, gift of life.
I wasn't here for just this one purpose but for the many opportunities to make a difference in the world in different ways including some really small and insignificant yet miraculous ways. 
There have been many of them over my life time so far and I am absolutely certain there will still be lots more to come.

You just know ! 

We each discover these as we reach a milestone in our own life, or face an obstacle which we initially struggled with but then  overcome having learned many lessons on the way. 

A quiet little voice begins to whisper in our hearts -  or it could even  be a very loud voice that shouts in our  head - 

" I want to share this with others, so that they can over come a similar obstacle to mine,  but without having to go through the same pain ." 

" I want to share my journey so that this can never happen to anyone else".

"I  really want to share my knowledge because I know just how much difference it can make to a persons' life "...

My passion now is to help you and others like you,  to discover your own Soul's Life Purpose.

To  help you to see and identify,  your own strengths, gifts and talents in the same way others can see them in You!  
To  recognize what an absolutely amazing gift you have right within your own Soul.  

To discover your own sacred  mission/s and experience the joy satisfaction and peace  of mind  that this can bring into your life and to the lives of others. 

You were born
to make a difference and to
Absolutely Thrive ! 

Never ever doubt this truth 




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