My Mission is to help You to find and follow

Your own unique Heart & Soul Life purpose. 

To help generous, heart focused women, many who have suffered grief, loss or trauma in their own lives, and who now long to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  

Helping them to discover their own hidden talents and gifts, their unique wisdom, skills and passions.

To join the many other wounded healers who long to share their light and inspiration to make a positive difference  in our world. Whatever gift you want to share, be it through art, music, story, courses,  listening, counselling, dancing, hiking, cooking gardening or other any of the many other gifts that can be shared -  


My goal and aim is to:

  • To support You on your personal growth journey.   

  • So you can say Yes to your dreams, Yes to your calling ! 

  • To really believe passionately in your ability to achieve whatever it is you feel called to. 

  • To feel empowered to see the endless possibilities you have ahead and have really exciting, positive outcomes.

  • To feel the incredible joy, gratitude, happiness, and experience the true abundance this can bring into your own life and into the lives of those you  journey alongside ! 

  • To make a small positive difference to our earth, and to all life, with the help, guidance, wisdom and generosity of our abundant  mysterious, magical, Universal Love Source and Creator of All That Is !