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It's not who you are that holds you back

 # ShameBusters  Review of                 Book 1

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5.0 out of 5 stars An important new chapter about the Catholic Church Abuse Crisis in NZ

Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2020

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I found this a sad and wonderful book to read, filled with pain and hope. Glo has a perspective on the NZ Catholic Church that few survivors have been privy too. Despite her best endeavors, they managed to marginalise and use her while she was trying to help survivors of clerical abuse.

Her letter to the Catholic Church is NZ is powerful, incredibly powerful. Will they listen? They need to!


Book 1 Published  -  5th August 2020 !

So excited to announce Book 1 is now completed.

Paperback and eBook Kindle copies are now available on Amazon!

Here is the link  #ShameBusters Book 1


What an amazing journey it has been so far.


Now to complete #ShameBusters  - Book 2  

                  SOUL AWAKENING  

Defy Betrayal  - Reclaim Your Voice 

Awaken  Your Soul's Divine Magic


Release date is now 31st October  2022 ! 












My writing journey 

20th May 2020

My book is now to be split into two books 


My first  book - Soul Destruction -  is about  the effects of Catholic indoctrination and the trauma of childhood abuse by a Catholic priest,  it's affects  and the influences that had  on my life and the lives of those close to me.

It is strongly Catholic in it's principles, beliefs, rituals. 


My second  book is about  the recovery process, emotional and spiritual  healing, enlightenment,  new beginnings and much more. 

This could be helpful for anyone who has experienced trauma, supported others,  but to anyone who is interested in the power of healing through spirituality

through connection to the energy of our universe, to Gaia our earth mother, to the creative energy of All That Is,  the power of grace and synchronicity.     

It was pointed out to me, that some readers may find reading the first section difficult  but may also find the second section really helpful.  And in reverse. 

Some may find the first section helpful and not be ready to look at the second section.  

I am listing these two books together as part of a series as there will definitely be more to follow. 



A range of events have occurred,  starting with a positive outcome from the NZ Family Courts which finally allowed me to access and  view my personal adoption records in December 2019. 

This  resulted in me filing a second application to gain full access to my records, which was then granted in February while at the same time a DNA match linking me to my Bio father's family showed up initially on 23 & Me and then on Ancestry. 

I found four amazing cousins who each then helped me to dig deeper on my search creating an enormous change to the the final chapter of my book which is now in the process of being rewritten.  

I want to assure my  wonderful, welcoming and supportive newly discovered family that I will not be sharing any names,  just my own experiences and my own story.  Having a half-sister, even a half-cousin suddenly showing up in your lives after 69 years must have been an enormous shock to everyone.   


Covid  19 and the lock down here in New Zealand is now offering me the opportunity to finally knuckle down and get this last piece of writing completed. 

The Universe has continued to have my back every step of the way on this incredible life journey, with the most amazing synchronicity.  So incredibly grateful!     


1st UPDATE 22nd September 2019

The manuscript for my book is now in the safe and careful hands of my proof reader!

I am so excited to be sharing this as I get closer to  the completion of my first book in which I share my own personal  healing and empowerment journey.

Lifting the Veil of Shame and Betrayal!

Is about my journey from the darkness, terror and shame of being a child victim of emotional,  mind bending, sexual and spiritual childhood abuse by an incredibly powerful catholic priest. 

Growing up filled with confusion, shame, and fear and becoming a dysfunctional teenage rebel, wife and parent. 

It is a story about survival, grace, personal growth,  spiritual guidance and intervention, loss, sadness,  miracles, vindication, love, grief, more loss and healing. 

The beliefs I formed, the meaning I gave to events, to the words spoken and the actions of others,  and how it influenced choices I made, relationships,  and other life events.  

In the midst of the priest's abuse of me, discovering that I wasn't who I thought I was, that my parents weren't my real parents, added further confusion and grief to my little world as a little 8 year old girl.

Confusion, dysfunctional coping strategies, mistakes, the shame I hid even from myself, and the learning's. 

My journey has taken me from wounded victim, to outspoken survivor, survivor's representative, to passionate advocate, confrontational activist, educator  & workshop facilitator  to where I find myself now as a soon to be published author where I share my own story, and once again I am openly challenging the hierarchy of catholic church leadership for the blatant abuse inflicted on vulnerable innocent children for over a thousand years !    

There have  been numerous  magical  and spiritual interventions that  have occurred throughout this writing journey.   Synchronicity which at times has been nothing short of 'miraculous', which sustained my ability to never ever completely  give up on myself or write myself  off, even when I perceived that other's had.  Someone or something would always intervene with a word,  a smile, or some other kind of  interaction, to bring me back into focus.

This is not an easy topic to write on, nor is it a popular topic to address.   Most people would rather bury their head in the sand and hope it goes away. 

But that has never worked as it has just got worse, bigger, and much dirtier. 

It is a very real thing that has been happening for centuries and must be stopped and those who continue to engage in abusive activities must be held accountable. 

Those who collude to protect abusers by covering up, not reporting, moving or hiding them, must be held to account too. 

Most  importantly for me, has been the incredible support, encouragement and love of so many people over my entire life including family, friends and many beautiful colleagues but most especially, my late husband and soul mate Dave, who helped me to believe in myself by supporting me,  and never ever giving up on me. 

My  late parents who adopted, loved and raised me Jack and Mary Hill gave me a love filled home which I was so truly blessed and privileged to be raised in. 

And last but certainly not least, after not seeing one another for 55 years, my first and best childhood friend who is now my life partner Ted, whose constant support, encouragement and love has helped me to once again believe in myself enough to succeed in reaching this milestone.  

Writing my story has  been a painful, emotional, yet powerfully  healing and  freeing experience and I hope that by sharing this,  it may resonate in such a way that it may be able to help  even one other person.  Maybe even inspire one that person to do something similar.  

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