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Mindset Awareness

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Creating Mindset Awareness in just 2 minutes !

4 Steps you can take to help to strengthen your Mindset Awareness in less than 2 Minutes.

We all think constantly, thousands of thoughts can filter through our minds in an hour. When the thoughts are happy, hopeful, nice things we can feel lighter, happier and joyful where as when we are thinking anxiously, reflecting on future fears, or painful life events from the past, we can feel utterly miserable. If we are suffering and in pain, then the pain can dominate everything else.

The following exercise is to simply help to set up an awareness of your thought patterns and will take you less than a minute or two to set up and complete.

You will need a notebook, diary or even just a post it and a pen before you start and just 2 x 2 minute blocks of time each day for a week.

Step 1

Make a declaration that you will take 2 minutes twice a day to do this for a week.

Step 2

Stop what you are doing, sit down, and write for just 30 seconds every thought that arises during that time . Don’t skip anything … don’t judge … don’t analyze.. just write.

Step 3

When your time is up then count – How many thoughts did you have in this 30 seconds ?

Step 4

Read them and notice – how relevant or helpful were they ? If there is something among all of these that you feel you need to take action on, highlight it and follow that through, otherwise just notice, and become aware of the types of things that are coming up in your thoughts.

After a week, you may find that you are starting to become more aware of your thought patterns. You may even start to notice how some of your thoughts trigger emotional responses, annoyance, frustrations, stress, physical responses, tapping the pen, tense fingers, foot tapping. You may find that you are no longer having as many thoughts in the 30 seconds and this could be because you may be consciously starting to notice your thinking at other times, not just when you are specifically writing them down.

And that is the purpose of this exercise.

The latest research is now showing that more than 95 % ( even up to 98% ) of what we know lies deep within our subconscious with less than 5 % being in our conscious awareness.

Developing Mindset awareness however, can assist us to connect to our silent place, the place where we can slow our thoughts as we breathe, and become more aware of our inner calm, our own deep soul space where the ego of our mind is calmed by the knowing of our hearts hidden power, our spiritual connection to something so much bigger that lies deep within us, but also connects to our Source, our Creator, to the Love of All That Is.

Where everything is taken care of. Where thoughts can create positive outcomes if we give them the space to do that. To focus, to open our minds eye to love fulfilled outcomes, and feel and express the gratitude as if what we are creating, is already here.



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