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Are You Ready to make 

positive  changes in your life ? 

Why Wait? 

Contact Glo for your own Soul Awakening Experience.

Unsure if this will be

right for you ? 

Contact  Glo to book your 

 FREE 15 minute

consultation  or Email her

at  or complete our form below.

The Creative Spark - Female hands reaching up to a white burst of light on a wide deep spa


Ask Your Angels Today !


 Transformational Healing 


Spiritual, Emotional, Mindful,


Health and Wellbeing

Heart & Soul 

 Counselling - Healing - Coaching


Expand and build on your 

Own Unique Sacred Spiritual

Gifts and Awareness  !  


Never doubt your True calling, that deep longing you have always felt called to follow, but have been held back from following through numerous  subconscious 

blocks, self doubts, fears, anxieties. 

Things  like not feeling worthy enough,  not good enough,  to experience  the life that deep down,  you know you long to live. 


As a conduit, and a witness,  and an empathic  intuitive,  Glo can support you to facilitate change  by invoking  the assistance , wisdom and guidance of  Spirit,   Angels, Divine masters, and more through prayer and meditation. 

Witnessing and supporting you to release and  transform the pain and trauma of past hurts, cultivate emotional strength, increase your overall wellbeing,  choose a positive mindset,

develop self belief, self- love & self-respect, happiness and abundance ! 

Thanks for submitting!

Your Healing is always supported through the power of the unconditional Love of our 

Divine Creator of All that Is !

Glo is a mere conduit, a facilitator, and the witness to your healing. 

We do this through a meditation in which Glo's intuitive  gifts  and wisdom are awakened

The wisdom and information Glo receives from Spiritual  beings of divine love and light,  may sometimes include Saints, Archangels,  Spirits of ancestors,  departed  loved ones, messages from past lives. The energy of unconditional love and protection of our Creator God is fully present throughout. 

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