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Welcome to 
Healing & Transformation
for your
Mind, Body, Heart, Soul

Clairvoyant, Angel Intuitive
Oracle Card Readings
Counselling, Energy Healing


     Kia Ora !  Nau Mai  Haere Mai! 

A Warm Welcome

And thank you for visiting

My name is  Glo Ramsay and I feel privileged to have been guided to become a  wounded healer, with spiritual gifts to share with others like you.

To connect to the world of Spirit,  Angels, Saints,  Ancestors,  Divine beings of light always with the protection of Creator.  We are all sparks of our Creators Love. 


To help others  like yourself to experience similar healing,  support,  comfort, peace, love and reassurance that helped  my own transformational awakening journey.  

To discover misplaced  gifts of Hope, Love, Joy,  Peace, Self love, Self respect, Confidence , Intuitive Wisdom,  Dignity, Mana, Tika, Pono, and Aroha,  self-respect  and so much more.

I have helped  hundreds of people to awaken & experience their own inner beauty, and spiritual gifts, to lift and clear deep subconscious and disempowering self limiting  beliefs.

Beliefs that created fear, anxiety, sadness, shame,  helplessness, feeling inferior to others, overwhelmed, stressed, being  judged, put down, abused , criticised. 

I invite you to allow me the opportunity to help you to eliminate self limiting beliefs, and discover your own unique gifts, strengths and inner magic.

To own it,  celebrate it and love living your life every day.   

To see yourself as Creator sees you. 

To love yourself unconditionally, as Creator loves you.

To know what that feels like and to then be able to do the same for others. 

My role as a ThetaHealer  is to meditate, visualize and connect to Creators pure light and love. Creator is the healer.  I am merely the Conduit. 

If you feel that I may be able to help you or a family member  please don't hesitate to contact me.

                                 Namaste' and sending you Rich  Angel Blessings,

                                                                Love & Light


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Are You Ready  to make positive  changes in your life ? 

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